I've been researching since getting these results (total Cholesterol 322) and have also been through some heavy detoxing lately with coconut oil and minerals, but my doc will certainly be concerned when I see her for follow up. Lots to work on still - Vit D is low after 2 yrs of supplementing with 2,000 IU. A person on another forum suggested 10,000 IU to get up to 70. Thyroid is still off! with 75 mcg of Levothyroxine. Help! Will it be enough to tell the Dr. I want to keep trying diet and exercise? I refuse to go on any meds for cholesterol. I've been LC for a few years. Any thoughts? See labs below! Thank you! Mary

TSH 5.806 H
T3 free 2.52 pg/mL

Cholesterol 322 H
Triglyceride 48
HDL 90
Cholesterol, non-HDL 232 H
LDL 222

Glucose post fast 71