So, I'm a teen in high school. Been successfully primal for some months now.

A look what an average day used to be for me dietary speaking:

Breakfast: slice of bread with chocolate sprinkles and a glass of chocolate milk.

Lunch: slice of bread with peanut butter. Slice of bread with cheese. Fruit juice

Coming home from school: put a ready made cheesebread in the microwave. Probably also have a big chocolate muffin. And soda

Dinner: broccoli with macaroni and soy-and grainbased "meat" (vegetarian).

Evening "snack": a piece of fruit and a big bowl of sugary cereal.

But that's not all. A couple of times a week I would take a big ice cream + a bag of chips at school and in the weekends I'd regularely go to subway and also buy a lot of sweet stuff.

Been doing this for about 4 years. Always felt perfectly healthy, perfect weight, six pack abs etc.
But then I suddenly realized what I was doing and knew that it couldn't be good. From one day to another I managed to cut out all refined sugar. Then I read about paleo and cut out the grains as well.

Now a day in my life looks like this:

Breakfast: 1 or 2 eggs with onion and spinach

Lunch: bacon or beef or other organic unprocessed meat and an apple or plum or another whole fruit.

Come home from school: greek yogurt and a handful of macadamia nuts

Dinner: vegetables + meat + sometimes some sweet potato.

Evening snack: some berries, a piece of 85-99% dark chocolate and a block of raw milk cheese. Oh and a tablespoon of nut butter, no peanut. (love it).

It didn't make me feel better. If anything I got less energy. But I'm never going back anyway. Also it made makes me a little depressed thinking about all the good times I had. So I was thinking, why not cheat once in a while? I mean, what I do now is like 100x healthier than what I used to eat. I'm especially missing the pizza I used to eat every 2-3 months with my friend. So awesome. We would both have a pizza at the lake on a sunny summer evening. Would this really hurt me? To "cheat" every 2-3 months with a nice SAD meal? I mean I used to eat like that everyDAY and be healthy.