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Thread: Paleo Bread Finally!

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    I saw this in a local health food store and couldn't resist buying a loaf of the coconut one, I was just curious. So to sum it up, this stuff is just awful. First off it comes frozen, so even if it were the best bread out there freezing it just ruins any kind of bread. So I let it thaw out then was left with this soggy bread which I had to throw in the oven and really toast up very crisp to get the sogginess out. I was left with a crispy toast on the edges but there was no getting the center to dry up. Before I get to the taste, the smell is just horrible. It smells like mildew and made my whole apartment smell terrible, which lasted all day. It even took a few times washing my hands to get the smell off them. Now onto the taste, the center was not edible so I didn't even touch that. I tried the edges that crisped up and it was like a piece of melba toast but with absolutely no flavor at all. I had to smother it in butter and salt to eat it, so what's the point really?! To top it off I paid like $7-8 for it, a total ripoff. Just a horrible product, don't waste your money. If you want paleo baked goods, make them yourself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crabbcakes View Post
    I'll make my opinion plain: NO COMMERCIAL PALEO BREAD!!

    This wonderful way of eating is based on whole foods, real foods, simpler meals, foods that do not come with nutritional profile labels, foods that honor the Paleo/Primal premise in the spirit as well as the "letter of the law" (so to speak).

    Both the Paleo and the Primal are strict no-grain WOE's. How does buying a fake-bread commercially-produced copy of a SAD and Neolithic food make sense in this context?! Good Lord, if I had a dollar for every time somebody got on a vegetarian's ass for buying faux-meat it would pay for a trip to PrimalCon! If you need a transition product, or if you have serious cravings, or need a solution for a particularly difficult family meal situation, or you just plain old decide to eat bread, then make it in your own kitchen, for yourself, one hard-to-produce loaf at a time, like Grandma did.

    This entire forum is full of rants and ravings and exclamations and complaints and oh-how-abhorrents opposing mind games and faux foods and things-that-are-not-Primal - and BREAD IS NEITHER PRIMAL NOR PALEO.

    Oh Lord, I can see it now: Paleo french toast sticks! Primal bean dip (the legumes were prepared in our homey factory kitchen the Weston Price Way!)! Lo-carb Dark Chocolate Nutella! Paleo ice cream! Vegetarian Primal Nut-Loaf with gravy! You don't have to own up to anything! The Primal can be anything it wants to be - just count it as a cheat! If Kraft decides that Primal/Paleo is a viable market we will soon see microwaveable frozen Primal coconut flour cinnamon rolls and other shit like that!

    I know I am ranting, but this kind of bread-crumb-strewn slippery slope will be the beginning of the end of any real meaning for the Paleo/Primal. You can stretch the definition of what Paleo/Primal is only so far before it no longer has any definite meaning at all.

    If the bakery in question had said this was simply a clean low-carb almond bread, I wouldn't have much of a reaction to it except to say No Thank You for myself and huh - maybe for a celiac (I have one of those at home with me). But it is specifically being billed as PALEO and as such, I find it disingenuous from the bakery, regardless if it is made with almonds or coconut or sweet potato flour or whatever, and hypocritical of a Paleo / Primal consumer.

    I sincerely hope the Paleo / Primal folk have better sense than to support this.

    Eat real food people and for f*ck sake please don't turn paleo/primal into packaged/processed commercial foods. That's not what this way of eating is about. Ugh!!!

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    I still can't believe that people with celiacs disease buy all that gluten-free crap in boxes like crackers and cookies... like any of the replacement grains are good for them.

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    I think its good but, i can't take it

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    I agree - these "bread" products were absolutely HORRIBLE! I could not even eat one bite of it. Don't waste your money. I think the purists are correct - eating real, good food is the key. This processed stuff is really bad - bad taste, bad smell, and bad texture. I am sorry that I wasted $8 of my money on it - never again!!!!

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    Paleo breads..My first post!

    Quote Originally Posted by ChocoTaco369 View Post
    There is no such thing as paleo bread. There are more nuts in a loaf of that bread than Paleo man would probably eat an a year. Do you know what happens when you grind up nuts and bake them? They're loaded with omega 6, and you denature them when you grind them and then heat them up well past the smoke point of the fats. You're taking in twice as many calories versus normal wheat bread and more oxidized omega 6 than you'd eat in weeks. That's just what I want to put into my body - rancid fat and incomplete proteins in the shape of bread.

    Seriously, this is the "paleo" answer to the vegan's "fake meat". I'll say it again - there is no such thing as "paleo bread". I will eat sourdough wheat bread long before I touch that nasty abomination.
    Hi Guys,

    This is my first post on the forum! Enjoying the site a lot so far. Regarding the baking of nuts, can I assume that these consequences are therefore similar for home-made granola using almonds and hazelnuts etc? Should you ensure those used are blanched? Or maybe bake briefly at very low temperatures?


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    I like the occasional buns derived from Maria Emmerich's recipe for panini bread:

    Here is the result of my experiments. I don't bake them often, it's mostly for my kids but they tend to ignore / forget bread these days since mom and dad don't really eat it any longer.

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    i havent read the whole thread but if white rice is a safe starch, i then make paleo bread as i make GF bread for the kids. 2c rice flour, 1c tapioca flour and approx 1/2 c coconut flour. an egg. yeast, honey and water. a capful of ACV. salt. a bit of EVO if i have it. mix it all up adding more water to make a dough. put it to rise and bake like bread.

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    I wouldn't buy it. Maybe one day I'll actually make a baked paleo dessert- I do have coconut flour in my pantry, but TBH it would be once in a blue moon for me. Fruit is dessert enough.
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    I used to make a gluten-free "bread" by putting warm cooked rice through the food processor until smooth and pasty, then adding yeast, salt, and enough sweet rice flour and rice flour to make a dough. It would rise and I would bake it. So if anybody desperately needs to make "paleo bread", they might want to play with that.

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