Like many here, I've been doing the 'Success Stories in the Making' since January. Having seen the reminders to post photo updates today, and my first reaction being '...maybe take the photos next week?' thought I could do with a little extra motivation and accountability to stay on track and so am starting a journal.

The Primal lifestyle makes sense to me and I have always felt great when following it at various intervals in the past. I'd like to be healthy and strong and hopefully set an example to friends and family through my own progress.

Also, having always been on the doughy side, it'll be nice to loose the 'small & cuddly' tag, and instead surprise people with how fit and strong I am (for a girl)! I think, "Holy Shit!" is the reaction I'm ideally aiming for ;)

Good luck to everyone else on this journey, and hope this provides some interest/inspiration other than just being useful for me :)


Here are some progress shots after 2 months. Interestingly, my weight is a bit higher, but thanks to the strength training my measurements went down noticeably. March was a bit of an 'off' month though, so not sure how different the most recent photos will be.... Will wait and see!

Height: 5' 3"
Measurements before: Waist: 85.5 cm, Hips: 102.5 cm, Arms: 30 cm, Thighs: 61 cm
Measurements after: Waist: 76 cm, Hips: 97.5 cm, Arms: 30 cm, Thighs: 59 cm