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Thread: Best Blood Tests To Get From Your Doctor

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    Best Blood Tests To Get From Your Doctor

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    After my last blood work results from going primal, my doctor was concerned about my high cholesterol and high glucose figures.

    I'm going to get tested again in a few months and thought I should ask for some additional tests so that I can get a clear picture of my health.

    Here are the tests that I plan to ask for:

    • Lipid profile
    • Glucose, fasting
    • NMR
    • vitamin profile

    Does anyone have any suggestions on additional tests or any input on the usefulness of the ones I listed above?

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    NMR is near useless. Lipid profile is not much better. Vitamin profile mostly useless if you eat primal (perhaps except getting D checked).

    And every one of these tests are completely useless without proper clinical correlation.

    See your previous thread about how absolutely wrong your doc was in the first place.
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    It depends on what you want to know.

    A1C will give you a pretty accurate picture of your blood sugar average over the last 3 months.
    CRP can point to inflammation or infection

    If you get enough sun on a regular basis and are not supplementing, vitamin D levels are probably not an issue.
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    My doctor want to see my lipids again in three months, and she ordered a VAP test? to get a better feel for the size of the LDLs - she is concerned about this:

    Total - 201
    HDL - 49
    LDL - 139
    Tri's - 64

    I'm not concerned at all - but I do want to get my HDLs in the 60s. I am targeting more omega 3 foods, and I've been popping fish oil lately too.

    My blood pressure everytime I go there is 135 over 85 though. I check it on my own at rite aid, other specialist doctors, and I get closer to 120-80. I don't like that term, hypertensive...

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