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Thread: Potato starch in meat?

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    Potato starch in meat?

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    I found a delicious organic sausage from a local farm. The meat is minimally processed. The ingredients are: pork, potato starch. Is an unhealthy sausage? Would it be high in carbs? I have no idea how much potato there is in there..

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    It's probably just to hold the meat together, much like eggs in meatballs, or possibly dry up some of the moisture. Either way, potato starch is harmless. It's a fantastic breading for chicken tenders, it's a great thickener for sauces and even makes for decent brownies combined with cocoa powder. I use tapioca and potato starch here and there for many reasons. A 1.5 lb bag would last me several months, though. It's not something you'd be using every day or in large quantities.

    Basically, use potato starch interchangeably in any recipe or for anything where you'd usually use cornstarch, or blend with other flours for an all-purpose wheat flour substitute. I find that 50% white rice flour, 25% potato or tapioca starch and 25% sweet white sorghum flour makes a decent substitute for all-purpose wheat flour. It's definitely not ideal food, but it's about 100 times better than nut meals and much easier to digest than coconut flour. It will just have a very high glycemic response, so it shouldn't be a regular part of your diet unless you're a big, heavy lifter and can get away with semi-regular massive blood sugar spikes.
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