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    Can't Sleep When Hungry

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    I seem to not be able to sleep when I'm hungry, which causes me to have a meal 1-2 hours before bed. In the mornings, I tend to eat breakfast an hour after waking up.

    Is anyone else not able to fall asleep hungry? Something about it doesn't feel right.

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    I have that problem. Usually a handful of nuts or nut butter takes care of it and I sleep fine.

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    I dont think anyone really likes to go to bed hungry. Most people find skipping earlier meals easier.

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    I wouldn't be able to sleep if I was hungry either, that's why I have a proper dinner. If you are eating enough for your evening meal you shouldn't really be hungry. Having said that, I see no problem with a snack. In the wild you would probably be going to bed shortly after dusk.

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    ..Same here. Crazy thing is: It happens when I'm just about to sleep - after lying down with all lights off. But a single cookie seem to stop my tummy from screaming at me. I avoid having more than a cookie.

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    Yes. On CW I always tried to eat my last meal 2-3 hours before bed, and routinely ran out of calories, so my dinner was light (like 300-400 cals), so every time I managed to keep myself from sticking to the plan, I would wake up at 2 am ravenous, and have to fight the hunger till I could fall asleep for an hour or so. I think I cried a few times, i was so hungry. Then I had to get up in another hour... Horrible. Now I follow a predator's rhythm: eat a significant meal right before going to bed, curl around my full warm belly and sleep comfy like a baby.
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    I always have a snack before bed (despite having had a dinner high in fat and protein). It may be partially emotional. Whatever. I do it. Often pork rinds with butter and a bit of nut butter (ok, usually peanut butter). Sometimes a glass of milk (minimally pasteurized, non-homogenized, local, whole, from reusable glass bottles).
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    I used to get up and get a snack at night etc but no longer do. Sounds like you have a blood sugar issue. You need to learn to cope with hunger and not always give in to it- eventually you may gain weight from doing so or will develop some other health problem.
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    Eat a bigger dinner. Eat more meat for dinner.
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