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Thread: Sad state of children's food - Jamie Oliver TED talk

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    Sad state of children's food - Jamie Oliver TED talk

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    I saw an excerpt of this video that was featured in the movie Hungry for Change. The thing I never really understood is why there needs to be a separate category of "children's food" and "adult food." I never grew up eating "children's food." I was raised on real, whole, nutritious food lovingly made by my mom or dad- for the whole family.

    I thought this article (about a book) on parenting methods was interesting (it mentions how the French don't have separate "children's food").

    Why French Parents Are Superior by Pamela Druckerman -
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    It focuses on the foods that our children mainly eat...the food parents give them at their young age, the food the schools feed them, and the fast food found on every corner. That's the focus, to educate children about food and teach them to cook.

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