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Thread: Primal Journal (Chatty) 04/02/2012 it begins

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    Primal Journal (Chatty) 04/02/2012 it begins

    I swore I'd never be over 200 lbs. (again) and here I am: just turned age 60 and weigh 202 lbs.
    I ordered the PB books, supplements and some formula, but haven't received them yet.
    Today, I browsed the forum for info and inspiration.
    Stumbled upon the PB before/after photos and they were really inspiring (guess I should take a photo now).
    I've been eating what I "imagine" is primal for 2 days. (When I get the books, I'll know more of what I'm doing.)

    Made an account at SparkPeople to track carbs and such.
    So, it begins: hopefully an eating plan for a younger, healthier "me."
    Time will tell.

    Just read to state monthly goals. So I suppose they are:
    1. Study the PB in detail and develop an eating and exercise plan
    2. Stay off the scales (I have a tendency to use them too much -- monthly should be plenty).
    3. Increase activity (I work in front of a computer all day & have a bad knee).
    4. Don't expect too much the first month, (but I hope to drop at least 4 pounds).
    5. Don't let the scale discourage me.
    6. Don't let hubby discourage me (because I have to cook his favorite foods).

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