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Thread: Primal Journal (Chatty) 04/02/2012 it begins

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    Thanks for the clarification. I'm trying.

    Had a knee injury. Was taking medicine for it. Working in the yard today and thought about the book/squats.
    I did it. Figured I'd hurt my knee, but it didn't. Never know what ya can do until you try, huh?

    I'm going low carb right now (wondering how long is a "long time" to do that)?

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    Some people can go indefinitely with low carb. If you're feeling well on a higher fat diet, then stick with it. From your numbers it looks like you're going very low carb, so be sure to get some fat in there. Heavy cream, butter and coconut oil are all good sources, with pure animal fat (like on the outside of a steak) being the best.

    Yeah being injured sucks but be sure to keep moving, it's the best way to heal. Gardening is probably the ultimate low level activity as you're outside with nature as well as using every muscle in your body pretty much

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    What actual food are you eating? It would be better to just eat real food and focus on that. If you eat mainly meats and green leafy veg with a bit of other veg then you are low carb, if you eat any kind of non-starchy veg you want and/or add in a bit of fruit then you are moderate carb, if you eat several pieces of fruit and/or starchy veg then you are going to be at around the higher end of moderate (100-150g) DEPENDING on your definition of terms like 'a bit' and 'a lot' lolol

    Eat fat - you cannot eat high protein low carb low fat for more than a short period of time - fat will be your preferred fuel if you stay lower carb, carbs will be your preferred fuel is you go higher carb.

    Dunno how big you are but I'm a small, slim, older woman who doesn't do much exercise and my calories would be more than yours and if I was going to check macros I'l look at % figures.

    A long time to do low carb is forever.
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    Thanks for the tips and encouragement.
    I seem to be eating more and more each day. I'm not worried about that. I'm trying to listen to my body and the ole body has been saying "give me more." I've been working in the garden (more activity) and I'm determined not to be hungry. I already see how fat is my friend for doing that.

    I'm tracking the food because it's FUN to do (I work in front of the computer all day anyway).
    An since I'm low-carbing-it, I may as well concentrate on nutrition.
    (Like I gave up the carbs in my coffee sugar to trade for 2 cups spinach -- traded junk for real food)
    Sat. I ate this and went to bed without hunger/cravings and slept well:

    2 c. coffee with Heavy Whipping Cream, 1.5 tbsp 78 1 8 0 Remove
    Spinach, fresh, 2 cup 14 2 0 2 Remove
    Blue Cheese or Roquefort Cheese Salad Dressing, 2 tbsp 154 2 16 1 Remove
    Chicken Breast, with skin, 1 breast, bone removed 499 0 27 60 Remove
    Pork Rind Cracklin Strips, Golden Flake Chicharrones w/ Red Pepper, 3.5 oz 560 0 35 56 Remove
    Supplement - Probiotic (Garden of Life) Primal Defense 15bill cfu, 1 serving 0 0 0 0 Remove
    Primal Fuel shake mix (2 scoops per serving), 1 serving 181 11 9 20 Remove
    Butter, unsalted, 3 tbsp 305 0 35 0 Remove
    Flaxseed meal, 1 tbsp

    Calculates as 1850 calories, 20 carbs, 134 fat and 143 protein

    Watched this excellent BBC program re: exercise and it supports the PB perfectly.
    Horizon - The Truth About Exercise (BBC, 2012) - YouTube

    Found the thread about Bulletproof Coffee/Tea/Cocoa and saved the idea for future reference.
    (Fat is how I got rid of sugar in my coffee, so this thread made sense to me)

    Was afraid to look at the two PB cookbooks I received (usually make my mouth water in hunger and want to eat) BUT I looked at them -- and NO MOUTH WATERING! I was satisfied with my PB food to the point the cookbook didn't bother me a bit (Like going grocery shopping when one is full vs hungry)
    Wonders never cease with PB!

    Oops! Just realized the primal shake is 2 scoops?? I'll have to read the label again (I used one). Logging food does help.
    No wonder I added butter to the shake because I didn't think it was "rich enough!"

    Those Primal supplements make me burp (bad taste). I'm going to take them just before bed so maybe I sleep through that.
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    Okay -- so my son was weighing this morning and before I knew it, I hopped myself onto the scales (forgetting that I wasn't supposed to weigh until 1 month of PB).

    I almost fainted. I'm down 6 pounds in one week!
    Is this possible? Six pounds? Must be a lot of water.
    I surely haven't been hungry and I'm loving the PB way of eating.
    I'll try to stay off the scales until 1 mo. is completed, but man -- that glimpse was amazing to me!

    Food-wise, everything going well. Still no cravings. So happy! I do FEEL lighter. Maybe it's all that food guilt gone.

    PS Taking Mark's supplements just before bedtime solved the "bad taste" burp problems.
    My husband has decided to try PB with me (he only weighs 150 and doesn't really need to lose weight, but he needs to lower his cholesterol and get fit). Happy day!

    Fat Head Movie (free online):
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    Sounds like you are doing amazing, Chatty!!!!! You are very good with keeping track of your food. Impressive! How are those cookbooks? Are they kid-friendly? I'm cooking for a hubby and 3 kids. Hubby and son will eat anything. One daughter is a pescaterian and the other is just plain picky! Keep up the good work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angelique View Post
    ............... How are those cookbooks? Are they kid-friendly? I'm cooking for a hubby and 3 kids. Hubby and son will eat anything. One daughter is a pescaterian and the other is just plain picky! Keep up the good work.
    Thanks for checking in and the encouragement!
    I sorta hate to say this without making anything from those two cookbooks, but I'm a southern gal, 60 years old and not much is new to me under the sun food-wise -- but that book has some very unique combinations and use of food I had never heard of, much less be able to buy in this area.

    I was looking for things like "Salmon Patties" etc -- you know, common stuff -- Those two cookbooks contain things that unique and far from common. Kids wouldn't know what they're eating

    The sauces do look intriguing, as there were many, varied ones. Sauce makes plain ole food instant gourmet.
    Like I said -- haven't tried anything in the books yet, overall I guess I'm glad I have them. I'll eventually investigate the recipes -- maybe once I get to weight maintenance (and my food has become boring).
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    Started 4/2/12
    Enjoying the food plan. Husband and I have tossed our statin medications and are trying to control cholesterol with PB. Time will tell. He's only 155 lbs., thin and doesn't need to lose weight. I'm worried he's not eating enough calories, but we're working on it.
    I lost: 5 lbs. thusfar (35 lbs. to go)
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    8 lbs. down this morning (after 2 wks.)
    Wondering if it's still water, or if there's fat gone too.
    Enjoying food. No real problems.
    Liking PB!

    Ate pork roast last night and when I logged food at SparkPeople, I was amazed
    to see it listed as 50% fat! Live and learn. Pee this morning smelled just like
    pork roast. weird

    Had to eat at a Chinese all-you-can-eat buffet and did well. Got fried chicken and pulled off the skin/flour coating, got some things off the salad bar, drank hot tea -- was full before I realized it. My absolute favorite thing there is broccoli salad (which is full of sugar in the dressing) and also contains sweetened dried cherries. I got a bit and ate two tiny forks full -- and it wasn't delightful at all. I gladly stopped eating it, and thanked my lucky stars for PB! No guilt -- happy day!

    Sorta embarrassing, but I announced "That's it. I'm full." and hubby said, "Are you kidding? You normally eat three times what you ate tonight?" LOL (he's right) ;-)
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    Noticed a lot of dairy in your first food post there. When I started paleo I was doing the same but was told by many to remove dairy out of my diet for a month then reintroduce it slowly if I felt the need. Dairy causes inflammation which will slow down the body healing process as you prepare to get your primal journey started. Just a thought.

    BTW welcome to the world of better food, better sleep, and better health!
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    Long Term Goal: 166lbs (One day!), Buy whatever cloths I want to wear.
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