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Thread: CW looks to be moving in the right direction page 2

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    some people actually think it is mom iincluded

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    Quote Originally Posted by activia View Post
    That's been in process for a long time.. Now when they start realizing how bad vegetable oils are, and how good sat fat is..then we have something
    This. Pretty much everyone these days already knows that sugar and soft drinks aren't doing them any good. The sooner they start to realize Canola oil isn't exactly a health food the better.

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    This is the banning agenda. It has nothing to do with conventional wisdom, or the Paleo diet, or anything else. It is about control. They are almost done with smoking, so they are looking for something new to get started with, that's all. Sugar, salt, fat, you name it. Anything that lets them check the contents of your kitchen and tax food.

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    The problem with focusing on sugar is it will be the soft drinks etc. We all grew up drinking a can or too of soda/pop but now the sugar is everywhere not just in the "junk" food it is found in those "healthy" low fat yogourts and almost everything else low fat.
    Low fat no taste so add sugar, high fat great taste less sugar. In order to properly lower sugar in foods the government will have to back down on the CW fat is bad mantra.
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    I agree that CW seems to be in the very beginning of "waking up" to the realities of Primal.

    I watch "The Biggest Loser". I don't know why, I can't stand it, and I'm constantly yelling at the TV and what they're doing, but I guess it sucks me in somehow. I've noticed over the past season the workouts they do on the show are getting very much like CrossFit/Primal type workouts, vs the early days of the show would just be constant chronic cardio.

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    If you read the comments on the 60 minutes website it seems that a good many people are lumping this in with "just another useless food scare". And they're brushing it off as just more nonsense. I agree with Activia that it's when they finally see the whole saturated fat scare as nonsense (why do they think that one is true but everything else is false??) then maybe we'll be getting somewhere.
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