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Thread: Childbirth

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    I followed Dr Gowry Motha's Gentle Birth Method, when pregnant with my eldest. She advocates a gluten free diet, as she believes that this is the one major difference between hunter gatherer types and the rest of us. Hunter gatherer types having much less birth interventions.

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    Sigh. I did 'everything right' with #1. But sometimes you can do everything right and shit just happens....had midwives, read Ina May and everything else they gave me, prenatal squats and perineal massage, fully comfortable with the possibility of home birth. But dammit if my water broke when I was 10 days overdue and I was GBS+ and had no progression and required IV antibiotics and induction, and the whole effing 'cascade of intervention', and refused to dilate and spent 4 hours resisting the urge to push, eventually an epidural, and 12 hours pushing. Licensed midwifery was very new here at the time and protocol required consultation with an OB at a certain point and I was warned that we were 15 min away from forceps. She came out with a few minutes to spare, face up with hand beside her head and with the cord around her neck in a pool of meconium under 7 pounds. (sorry, had to speed up the 47 hour ordeal) Birth can be so undignified sometimes. I suppose on a positive note, I narrowly avoided a c-section.

    Second time around was a breeze. 3 days of labor but only 15 min of pushing out an 8 pounder with zero intervention, and home from the hospital eating chicken pot pie less then 4 hours later

    In retrospect, their births were good predictors of their future personalities.
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    I absolutely believe that our society has completely screwed up what used to be a relatively easy and natural process.

    I wanted a home water birth with both my children. I had a midwife, did everything I should. My daughter was 9lbs3oz and facing my hip. She got wedged in. I was two weeks overdue and when my water broke there was meconium in it. After 24 hours of labor, I need a csection, you don't want to know how they unwedged her *cringe*. With baby number 2, I got a midwife for a home vbac, again did everything right, went into labor, water broke. I walked, I did the water thing (awesome!) I got on all fours, I tried every position. I dilated this time but my son wouldn't drop. He ended up being delivered by csection @ 9lbs14oz, short and it took him 5 years to grow into his head

    I ate well both pregnancies, well after the 4 months of morning sickness. I exercised. I did everything I could to make smaller babies (due to a family history of csections.) But I couldn't compete with genetics.

    The way birth is managed makes me ill. I cannot believe North America's infant mortality is so high compared to "less advanced" countries.

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    I do not believe that nutrition is all there is to it. I was born a few weeks overdue and had to be delivered with c-section, was like half a meter, weighed 4 kilos and a half. But there was another baby at the same time who weighed 5 kilos who hadn't been overdue at all. I have seen pictures of his parents and there is a distinct difference between his and mine - his were taller, bigger, you name it. Not necessarily overweight, but his father especially was a giant.

    It's the same with breeding dogs. It's a bad idea to pair a small female with a large male, because the puppies will risk being too large for a natural birth. Even if you pair two for the breed unusually large dogs, the puppies will still risk being even bigger than their parents were at birth. Genetics definitely have a role to play in births - today, a woman can deliver a bigger baby because of c-section. But back in the day a big baby would be the end, and so, evolution saw to it that there were no big babies who would have big babies in turn :P Not saying that diet have NOTHING to do with it because it sure as hell has, but this isn't something that can be blamed entirely at the persons diet.

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    While I believe nutrition plays a role, there are also other factors...
    Hospitals/Dr's have made the birth process a medical condition, and treat it as such.. The mindset is that medical intervention is a necessary part of the process.

    But we also are raised in a society that has a medical intervention for everything. Suffering to any degree is discouraged as we pop pills for any symptom, big or small.
    If you never allow yourself to feel pain, how in the world could you tolerate the pain of childbirth?
    "Your actions speak to me so loud, I can not hear a single word you are saying."

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    I really love the topic of birth as well...
    I do think nutrition has a part to does physical activity...
    BUT -- so does fear.
    Women have been taught to fear birth in our culture. Fear causes the flight/fight response in which all the blood rushes to our legs and arms and head so that we can fight if we need to or run away if we have to. This also causes the uterus to loose blood to other parts of the body, which causes it to not work as well as it should.

    And, if we fear pain and want that epidural, that intervention has it's own issues that contribute to longer labor. Also, women these days most often give birth laying down on their backs. Bad move. Women who birthed in the wild most often birthed upright with the help of other people or squatting herself...working WITH gravity, not against it.

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    Presumably, birth was not always easy even for women from fairly traditional societies.

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