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Thread: Primal fuel and bottle blender

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    Primal fuel and bottle blender

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    Is the primal fuel bottle blender 20 oz or 28 oz or what? Thx

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    Apr 2012
    Ordered it, but haven't received it yet.
    Don't know, but I'll let you know when I get it.

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    Thank you! Anyone else have one?

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    From the picture:

    It's a BlenderBottle® Classic (which is 28-oz capacity to the cup brim).

    BlenderBottles are magic tools IMO.

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    Thanks. They look cool. Went to the blender bottle website and they had some cool sport ones. Thx

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    I received my powder last night. Read the suggestion to add a few pieces of crushed ice to mix it, so I did.
    Just used a plastic jar with a lid, added the powder, a few pieces crushed ice, 1 cup water, 1 T. ground flaxseed and shook awhile. It mixed perfectly. I drank from the mixer/jar. Blender not necessary (and it's easy to rinse out the container).

    PS I was very surprised to taste how very sweet those drinks are.
    People here who complain about sugar cravings should invest in these!
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    Wow! Thanks for remembering to post. I emailed to ask if we could order samples. They said yes, but not online. Need to call or email. $5.95 for 2 samples. 1 of each flavor.

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    Did you read the thread about Bulletproof Coffee?
    I'm thinking of doing that to my Primal shake!

    The shake is a great meal, but thin. Extra fat should "fix it right up" as I'm on a low-carb phase.
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    Sounds good! I'm gonna order those samples on Monday. Does it have a coconut flavor to it. Did you order vanilla or choc?

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