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Thread: Hypotension / Low Blood Pressure

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    Exclamation Hypotension / Low Blood Pressure

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    In reading about carbohydrate restricted diets I came across some warnings that it could cause hypotension. I have naturally low BP (90s/50s) and have had instances of orthostatic hypotension and even passing out. Mostly it seems to be in the carb withdraw period. I am a little worried about being able to deal with this as I can't really take off work due to a new diet. Is there any advice out there to lessen the chances or severity of increased hypotension due to carb restriction?

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    I had this problem increase salt (LIBERAL)/ magnesium and you are good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by activia View Post
    I had this problem increase salt (LIBERAL)/ magnesium and you are good. wife was hypotensive when prior to going paleo. So much so that she would also pass out or near pass out on occassion. She has not experienced any of those since she started eating this way and we are in the 50-100g category as far as carb count. I would say it has actually helped her greatly. She can exert herself or miss a meal without lightheadedness and her BP is good. It still runs a bit low, but some peoples just does especially the case in some women.

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