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Thread: Slim and still have high Cholesterol?

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    Slim and still have high Cholesterol?

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    Hi Mark

    I discovered your website after researching on Google for foods that lower cholesterol. This is the first time I have come across the argument that it is carbs, and not fat, that actually increases cholesterol, and from the pretty clear explanations and scientific evidence you provide, this now seems so logical its a bit laughable.

    The question I still have is though, and one that I am finding very hard to get clear answers to, is, how can I be slim and still have high cholesterol?

    I thought my diet was pretty healthy because I eat low fat everything, however in reality I now see that low fat is not low carb, and I love things like pretzels, crackers, rice, pasta, etc.....all the bad carbs that obviously turn into bad things in your body.

    You have very much concentrated on obestity and diabetes being the end result of eating all the wrong carbs, however obviously obesity is not a problem for me so I am wondering if cutting out all the bad carbs and following your eating regime will lower cholesterol.

    My GP cannot find any real explanation as to why I have high cholesterol, and I've only ever had suggestions of what foods to eat to lower cholesterol, not what foods not to eat, ie grains, pasta etc.

    BTW I am 50 years old, been slim pretty much all my life, not a crazy exerciser but am pretty active with walking, and jogging occasionally, eat a couple of pieces of fruit daily and less vegies than I should, and love meat and chicken, but not much of a fish eater.

    Anyway if you have any advice I would much appreciate it.


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    Your diet seems high in grains.
    What are your actual numbers?
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    Welcome to the forum.

    Mark generally does not answer questions on this forum (although he will occasionally chime in). However, there a quite a few regular members with a lot of knowledge on cholesterol.

    Any chance you have your recent cholesterol labs that you could share to help us understand your situation better? LDL, HDL, total cholesterol, and triglycerides would be great. If you have other labs that could be helpful to.
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    Could it be genetic? While it is possible to be slim and have high visceral fat ("skinny fat" is the popular term for it these days), there has been shown to be a genetic link to having high cholesterol. Did your parents also suffer from high cholesterol?
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    You might find it better to approach the question of what causes raised ldl and then remove the cause. Here is an interesting link with some ideas:

    Perfect Health Diet » Answer Day: What Causes High LDL on Low-Carb Paleo?

    Big-Picture View of the Cause of High LDL

    So, on a micro-level, I think vascular damage causes high LDL. But what causes vascular damage?
    Here I notice a striking difference in commenters’ perspectives and mine. I tend to take a big-picture, top-down view of biology. There are three basic causes of nearly all pathologies:
    1. Toxins, usually food toxins.
    2. Malnutrition.
    3. Pathogens.
    Being slim is not proof of good health. A diet high in processed carbs will do damage even if you do not gain weight. My father believes that because he is slim he is healthy. But he has heart disease and Alzheimer's. I would prefer to avoid these if I can.
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    What do you consider "high" cholesterol? My Total Cholesterol (measured) is about 260. I do not consider that to be high, i consider that just about right. What's more important are your ratios.

    Give us you total cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL and HDL numbers and we can help you better figure out how much of a risk your numbers really are.

    total/HDL - you want this ratio to be BELOW 5

    Trig/HDL - You want this ratio to be BELOW 2

    LDL/HDL - You want this ratio to be BELOW 4.3


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    Thanks everyone for your feedback.

    My GP made the judgement call that it was 'high' after blood tests results were received, I thought around the 5.5 mark was getting up there so am assuming she's on the right track, my labs below but looking at the above figures for comparison I'm not sure now where I sit:

    Chol - 6.4
    Trig - 1.3
    HDL - 1.7
    Chol/HDL - 3.8
    VLDL - .6
    LDL - 4.1

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    Don't worry about the total until it gets a lot higher. Don't worry about the LDL at all.

    The Trig and HDL are what's important. You should be able to get the trig down by following a low carb primal diet. HDL should rise as well, although 1.7 is good.

    Cutting out inflammatory foods will definitely improve trigs and HDL but may not lower the total. But the total is unimportant
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    Your ratios is total/HDL and trigs/HDL both put you in the low risk category for cardiovascular disease according to the current data. I would not be concerned if these were my own results.

    Here are a couple vids for fun though. And go ahead and check out some of his heart disease articles while your there. I have high cholesterol, and I don’t care
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    I HIGHLY recommend that you listen to this series (start with part 1).

    Chris Masterjohn on Cholesterol and Heart Disease (Part 3)

    You'll learn a lot about cholesterol, what you should be concerned with, and how to address any possible problems.
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