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    I am a high level competitive tennis player who is in the process of becoming totally Primal. I have a bunch of tournaments coming up, and still have not participated in a tournament since turning primal.

    I have been trying to figure out how to optimize my diet so that I have provide my muscles with enough carbs to function well, and enough carbs post match so that I can recover for the next one.

    Thus far, my decision has just been to consume a lot of fruit the night before, morning before, and post match... I also have concocted the idea of taking honey shots during matches. I will also, when able eat yams or sweet potatoes, the night before.

    Any thoughts on these plans, or new ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks!


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    Have you read The Paleo Diet for Athletes? That might be a good place to start. Also, hop into the athletes forum here and read the thread "Grok Was A Marathoner?".

    If you are doing sports that aren't primal like long distance running or tennis tournies or whatever, you may have to incorporate some simple carbs. You may not. You have to expiriment with yourself. I love dried fruit for during exercise carbs (long bouts lasting more than one hour). Raisins and almonds works for me. Honey and potatoes can have a place in during- and after-exercise nutrition as well.

    I would say the first step is figuring out through trial and error how many extra carbs you need to maximize performance and recover. Then once you know that, experiment with different ways to eat those carbs.

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    You might want to refrain from entering a tourney during the first couple weeks of going primal, some people report feeling pretty lousy during this period of dramatic change. Beyond that you shouldn't have any problems and should not have to worry about adding carbs before, during or after a tennis match. I continue to run marathon/ultramarathon races with very little carb consumption before or during and have seen very little, if any drop in performance. Best of luck, report back with your results as many people have very similar questions

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    Dried fruit is a good rec... I am going to up the carbs with fruit/honey (dried too), gunna stay away from processed carbs. Ill see how it turns out for me.

    But, yes, GetPrimal, I want to get to where you are. Would like to simply eat as usual when i



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    I go with the sweet potato the day before and have used sports drinks and fruit for events up to 100km runs with great results.

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