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Thread: Guys - Juicing - Come on

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    Guys - Juicing - Come on

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    Hello All:
    Did not receive a post last time.
    I juice a lot of veggies quite frequently.
    Brocolli, carrots, spinach, Celery
    Do you get the same nutrients?
    Also what abuot carb intake..
    Is too much, bad?

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    I would rather eat my food than drink it.
    Too many carbs? Up to you and your exercise/performance/weight-loss goals.
    Eating primal is not a diet, it is a way of life.
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    ^^ and your carbohydrate tolerance in general.
    Primal since March 2011

    Female/29 years old/5' 1"/130ish lbs

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    I juice but I do it once a week on the weekend.

    I'll do an apple and carrot base, then throw in cucumber, ginger, broccoli, etc.
    It makes no difference to my weight, I'm more active on the weekend in the garden anyway.

    I honestly couldn't eat that much veg in one sitting and it's a great way to get nutrients in... esp dark leafy things.
    If you're doing it every day and not getting in a lot of activity... I'd drop it back a bit.
    But otherwise, if it feels good and you feel good, do it.

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    Thanks all

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    So what does it say about me that i thought this was going to be a thread about steroid use?
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