It's not even day one. I am transitioning from another diet. Its VLC and just not sustainable. So I have been scouring these boards and journals and am dipping my toes in. I have transitioned to a 3 & 3 program where I eat two meals per day, primal style, and one snack. The other three snacks are the program's approved bars and shakes. I will continue to do this while I lean into a primal eating style.

One good change I have made is cereal is no longer permited in our home. My 11 year old son was kind of put off by this at first, but promising him scrambled eggs every morning has changed his attitude! We have a few chickens that lay us fresh eggs and although I am not much of an egg eater- I hope to become one. After all, its practically a free food for us. My frugal heart won't take much more of me wasting such an opportunity.

I thought it would be nice to make a short list of foods I feel like I may miss on this program. Time will tell if I actually do miss them, but it will be nice to look back and check:

1. Pizza
2. Cupcakes
3. Candy
4. Pasta
5. Hotdogs
6. Chips
7. Bread

So thats all I could think of off the top of my head. Hopefully as I embrace a more natural eating style, these processed crap foods will take on a new look.

My biggest fears:
1. That I won't succeed.
2. That I will always be this big.
3. That I will 'miss' eating trigger foods like I miss smoking and drinking, both of which I have successfully quit.
4. That I might have to restructure my life. That something in my current life(friends family spouse? ) will leave me if I change.

These are the thoughts and worries I have. I look forward to seeing if possibly this way of eating can change the yoyo the past ten years have been . I am sick of who I have become.