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Thread: How many eggs/week?

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    Well raised LDL is not always a sin, especially when losing weight on a low or lower carb diet there can be a transient phase of increased LDL. This is because along with triglyceride store in adipose tissue there is also a bit of dissolved cholesterol. This reverse transport of cholesterol shows up in the LDL faction of tests. So if you are losing 2lbs of adipose a week you can very well see this happen. If however your weight is stable, then this may not be the issue at all. Just throw it in with your other differentials to consider.

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    Listen to this series so that you get educated on cholesterol
    Chris Masterjohn on Cholesterol and Heart Disease (Part 3)
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    6. I focus on fish and meat as my main foods.

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    Quote Originally Posted by activia View Post
    Listen to this series so that you get educated on cholesterol
    Chris Masterjohn on Cholesterol and Heart Disease (Part 3)
    Thanks, for posting this, Activia. I'll definitely take a peek, at this.
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    An article explaining a recent egg consumption study.

    Reevaluating Eggs' Cholesterol Risks - Science News

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    Looking at the poll I might be adjusting my consumption to the mainstream paleo of around 20/week. I hope this helps the cholesterol number.

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    I love eggs! I eat 2 a day most days, so I guess I typically eat 12-14 a week. It's my normal breakfast or lunch. Breakfast might be 2 eggs with some meat and/or avocado and/or leftover vegetables from dinner. Lunch might be a BAS with 2 eggs. Sometimes I mix it up and eat deviled eggs, egg salad, etc.

    I don't usually eat huge quantities in a sitting because I always have them along with something else.

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    I eat 20 eggs a day... I am thinking about reducing the number of eggs to 10 and eat more beef instead to improve my Omega 3 / 6 ration.

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    You are kidding, MeganFox, right? 20 eggs a day!

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    I eat a dozen a day. 6 after work/post-workout cooked various ways with some fruit on the side, then in a couple hours have my main meal (usually no eggs there) then I drink 6 raw just before bed because it seems to settle my stomach and provides everything I'd need to heal/rebuild as I sleep. If I feel like eggs in my main meal I take a couple off from the other times. I like to keep it at 12 because otherwise I'd have an odd numbered container.
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