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    Question Kids and Carbs

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    I have 2 children, girl almost 4 and boy 22 months. We all removed wheat and most grains from our diet in mid-January. I have been trying to eat low carb since then. I'm a SAHM, so they are with me all day and pretty much eat the exact same thing as me because that's what they want. They do get snacks sometimes that I pass on. They are very active kids, rarely sitting. I am wondering if it is possible for kids to eat too few carbs? I'm not real worried about my son as he is still nursing. But this morning I pulled out a gluten free cereal that someone gave us and served it with the rest of breakfast. My daughter ate the egg muffin (sausage, egg, cheese, peppers), a few strawberries, and all the cereal, then asked for more cereal. I'm not sure if it's just because it's new or her body needs more carbs. She's had some behavior changes in the past month as well that are making us concerned - poor sleep, tired, still wetting the bed every night, and moody. We go in to her doctor in 2 weeks for her 4yo check-up, but I'm wondering if I've stumbled onto something here? If so, what are some good, high carb foods that I feed my kids for breakfast and lunch that are easy to prepare?

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    Fruit. No need to prepare, just wash it and serve. Kids should not be low carb, as someone with a healthy metabolism should not be low carb either. Avoid the cereal if you can, gluten free or not, and just focus on lots of real food. Those egg muffins sound great, but I can't imagine one being enough, then again, I don't really have an idea of how much kids eat.
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    Okay, I'm not an "expert" by any means, but here's my opinion. I emphatically do not believe in restricting carbs or any macronutrient group for growing bodies. For one thing, brains run on glucose, and little kids are really using their brains, you know?

    My kids eat moderate amounts of grains, since no one in our family seems particularly sensitive to them, but some other carb sources are fruit, especially bananas, starchy veg (including white potatoes), rice (doesn't seem to bother most people), greek yogurt, quinoa, plantains. Potatoes, sweet potatoes and squash are easy to make in the microwave. Rice and quinoa can be made in a big batch and heated up in little servings, you can serve them as porridges with "milk" and a little honey or dried fruit too. Plantains are more of a pain, but delicious!

    However, your child probably asked for seconds on the cereal because it was sweet

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    Your child might need for carbs than you are supplying. Try adding in sweet potatoes, fruit, white rice and potatoes.

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    +1 for not restricting your kids' carb intake. There's no reason for it. Just make sure they eat real food. Fruit and starches are good for them.

    Sweet potatoes can be baked in the microwave in about 5 minutes and are delicious with some butter and cinnamon, btw, if you're looking for a quick, hot breakfast.
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    I agree that children should not eat low carb, and rankamateur has made some excellent suggestions.
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    I am feeding my kids lots of rice, quinoa and abundant fruit. They also dig Lara bars and the packs of dehydrated fruit at Costco. I make them sweet potatoes a lot but my youngest doesn't like them unless they are in something. I also let them drink coconut water every day. My oldest adores steel cut oatmeal. It is his favorite breakfast. He has been asking for it and I am not going to fight it. As long as we have eliminated the wheat I am okay with it.

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    How about some coconut milk smoothies with berries
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    I know I felt like crap when I was VLC. I'm make sure to have lots of her favorite fruits on hand, rice, sweet potatoes, potatoes. The VLC thing is for obese people... Carbs are good for most people, probably even you.

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    I think people, whether little ones or big ones, are way better off eating natural fruits and starchy vegetables than gluten-free grains. I don't think low carb can kill a young child otherwise the Eskimos never would have had children survive to adulthood.
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