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    Justaseeker's Journal

    59 years old, overweight, out of shape, need to improve metabolic functioning - more details to follow. Three months primal. Doing great with the diet. Had very little trouble with the transition. Followed Mark's guidelines in the "21 Day Transformation" book and cleaned out the pantry, etc. Took the plunge 100% Day 1, and haven't looked back.

    Had very little trouble with the carb flu. Am seeing many remarkable improvements in my health. Am now 100% medication free - and having almost no allergies this pollen season. More details to follow. Have only lost a few pounds, but fully believe that will come along as well in time. No set weight goal right now other than "normal" not "over weight".

    Will be having blood work tomorrow for the first time since going primal. Went primal right after the previous awful labs three months ago. More details to follow.

    Next, I am undertaking the exercise part of the "21 Day Transformation" - which I will log in my journal here. Exercise will be my main focus for change for the next three months until my repeat labs.
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    I feel like I ought to be wearing a bumper sticker that says: "Don't follow me I am lost." I am just a seeker like everyone else.

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