Well my book arrived.

I flicked through it.. yup, it's a book. Def going to read that later.

Then my parents arrived. Father complaining of his 'diverticulitis' flaring up again. He guy's 70. I pointed out that his parents were healthy, so where did this come from? And wouldn't it mean that given I am unable to eat wheat without becoming incredibly unwell, that perhaps he is allergic to wheat products too?
Do you know what diverticulitis is? It's an inflammation of the lower intestine where little pockets of poop sit and cause further infection. Eughhhhhh!
Why has he got this? He doesn't know.

For years, I have said to stop eating wheat yet he continues to eat his porridge, his bread, cakes, scones etc.
My mother, having Hashimoto's thyroiditis like myself, continues to eat bread, but 'only white because it doesn't cause such a reaction as wholegrain...'
If you have Hashi's, you should be totally grain, gluten, everything free. But no...

These people can eat, let me tell you. You could do a three course meal and within half an hour of eating, they'll be asking for 'a bit of bread and jam'.
For years I have been trying to stop them stuffing their mouths with food but they won't stop.
They've done Atkins, South Beach... and then decided that 'it's not for them' because they just can't stop stuffing in the carbs. Two weeks is the max they've ever changed their diet for.

ARGHHHHHH. They're both grossly overweight. My father looks like he's about to give birth to a beer keg. My mother is just overweight with terrible muscle tone and says she can't exercise because her arthritis plays up. Take the pain pill and suck it up. She gets sore knees. No kidding.

Anyway, after pointing out that I don't have any of these conditions and why do they... esp considering their very healthy parents... and they were stumped to come up with any answer.
And then I challenged them to do my diet for 2 weeks and if they didn't feel better, I'd eat my hat or some other piece of clothing/headgear.
And to my astonishment, they agreed. And they took my book to read.

My dad's dumped his bread, fed the birds the porridge (sure they'll be thrilled) and is happily consuming fats, fish, meat, eggs and big assed salads.

Two days later and they're *gasp* 'FEELING BETTER'. Apparently my dad has some 'gas' still but otherwise, he seems to be doing fine. He's actually feeling well.

Who'd have thunk it. Question is, will they stick with it?

Lay your bets ladies and gents... lay your bets.

Hopefully I'll get my book back so I can read it at some point...