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Thread: Ingenious ways to add coconut oil to the diet?

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    Ingenious ways to add coconut oil to the diet?

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    I'd like to add more (raw) coconut oil to my diet and wondered if any of you have found good ways to do it

    Anyone got any suggestions?

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    Cook with it as you would cook with any other good fat, add it to salads, bake primal cakes with it, eat it by the spoonful, put it on your skin.

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    I don't really eat many fried foods tbh, but when I do I use coconut oil

    Never thought of adding it to salads - will try that tonight!

    Skin, never thought of that either


    (Don't think I could eat it by the spoonful tho lol)

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    Melt, whisk in some cocoa, then pour on top of something cold (like frozen fruit) for an instant "Magic Shell" of crunchiness.

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    Mmmmm that sounds nice thanks!

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    Dab onto sliced sweet potatoes... bake until soft in the middles and slightly crunchy and caramelized in the bottoms and edges. I prefer the "Organic Extra Virgin" CO that actually TASTES like coconuts for this. NOM!
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    Thanks - I'm not sure what my CO is, but it's organic... gonna check.... Here it is: Biona Org Raw Virgin Coconut Oil 400g

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    eat it straight from the spoonful.

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    Winencandy came up with a great recipe:
    2 parts coconut oil
    1 part chocolate of the sweetness desired (I use 1/2 semi-sweet, 1/2 bittersweet)
    Melt together, pour into candy molds or little paper candy cups. Chill.
    Store in the fridge.

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    Blend it in coffee.

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