Hi all,

I'm a 23 year old, female, married to a wonderful non primal man who inspires me to be the best I can be.

This post is my first in many of me learning and nourishing my body the primal way. I began my journey back in May 2011 when I joined a boot camp class run by a good friend. As a result of this organised activity I began to become more interested in my health, nutrition and fitness. By following conventional wisdom and exercising lots and eating little I succeeded in my first goal of losing 5% body fat and meet my goal weight of 57kg. Although with the extreme dieting and high stress of high intensity cardio on a continual empty stomach as soon as the goal was reached I fell apart both physically and emotionally and with one week of relaxing my diet I had put all my losses back on to see me back up and feeling miserable.*

Fast forward 5 months to October 2011, and after continual struggles with bloating, cramping and stomach aches after eating, I visited a naturopath who along with natural remedial pills and potions and a lot of my money suggested I follow a strict vegan diet with my only source of fluids coming from alkalised water. Although I enjoyed the new challenge of cooking interesting, nutritional meals I found my new eating regime very limiting and it left me exhausted. I wasn't sleeping well and altogether I found it too hard to sustain.*

What I did learn from the naturopath experiment was that my body works a lot better without dairy and gluten. I began to follow a mostly gluten and dairy free diet and also began to look into other sources of nutritional irritation. I read both David Gillespie's 'Sweet Poison - Quit Plan' and Sue Shepards 'Food Intolerence Management Plan, whose intention is to reduce fermentable sources of digestive discomfort.*

To say I learnt a lot from both these books would be a huge understatement! The effects that sugar addiction were having on my body were very noticeable. My first week without sugar had a huge impact on my appetite and cravings and even added to the motivation of becoming the best I could be.*

As I continued to learn and gather information on recipes and alternatives to the mainstream 'normal diet' I've linked myself in with several health and wellness sources. I'm a big Facebook user and so having those people and their healthy intentions flashing up in my newsfeed often has been another huge motivator to stay on track. It was through a link on a health and wellness blog 'GET ZOMT' that I happened across Mark's Daily Apple and reading through the first 7 days after subscribing and the related e-books was like a light globe going off! I was already trying so hard to be dairy, gluten and sugar free so the addition of grains and legumes to that list didn't seem to be that big an ask. I loved the attitude that Mark conveys of exercising and working out to be functional and for long term health. The success stories are so inspirational and even though I haven't experienced the weight loss benefits of the primal lifestyle as yet I'm really looking forward to it!*

So after a very long first post, what are my goals?

- to eat primally at every meal.*
- to notice when I'm feeling weak to temptation and match it with positive strategies*
- to try to notice when I don't need any more food. This is one thing I'm struggling with. Even with primal foods I never seem to feel full. Is there anyone out there feeling this too?
- to begin working out primally. Sprints, body weight exercises, long walks and learning how to play again!*

What I ate today:
Breakfast: roma tomato, 3 large silver beet leaves, 1 egg, 80g BBQ chicken, 10g butter. All mixed together and cooked in the microwave.*

Morning Tea: half a dozen each carrot and celery sticks, 10 or 20g of basil, cashew and Parmesan dip, 10 or 20g of pumpkin pine nut dip, 1 very small square of chocolate coconut slice, handful of grapes and 1 slice of watermelon.*

Lunch: 50g BBQ chicken, 70g rump steak, 30g potato bake (cream, potato, bacon, onion and beef stock) tabbouleh, and lots of salad!*
Dessert: 50g of lite raspberry jelly and 20ml of thickened cream.*

Afternoon tea: handful of cashews, 5 large grapes, cup of tea with soy milk.*

No dinner tonight as I think I ate enough today. *

Thank you so much for reading if you made it all the way down here!*

My aim for this journal is to be accountable to myself and track changes and improvements and hopefully some results. *

Thanks for reading!