I have been looking everywhere for information on sharing my new Primal Diet with my baby. He is 6 months old and we adopted him so we've been using Baby's Only by Natures One (organic) formula (wish we could have breast fed but that just wasn't an option for us). I want to continue to keep him on the healthiest diet possible. He is up to 48 oz of formula a day and my ped. wanted me to start him on rice in his bottle 3 months ago but I didn't... just didn't feel right to sneak it into his bottle. Like my older son, he's a big kid and eats a lot... so I feel like it's time to start solids to sustain him longer. My ped is concerned that he will get too chubby with so much formula. Anyway, I have recently taken on the Paleo Diet for myself and it has me really thinking about the foods I want to give my son. I'm curious about the place of Paleo with babies. We tried rice twice with our son and he didn't like the texture so I went straight to avacado, then banana because I could give those fresh. I'm wondering about grains and I'm wondering about legumes. Many people give peas as a first food. Do you know of any good resources that can help guide me with these decisions? I want to start him with healthy choices from day 1. My 5 year old is a very healthy eater but I see an opportunity here to take it to another level for baby #2.