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Thread: Help with ulcerative colitis

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    Help with ulcerative colitis

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    Hiya all
    My other half has had ulcerative colitis for 3-4 year now which I am convinced was caused by a SAD type diet.

    She has had a major flair up since Xmas and is back on the steroids with few signs of improvement. I have improved her diet alot with my Paleo knowledge, cutting out all grains. Her carbs are still high but on the whole her diet is much improved.

    Any suggestions as to foods, suppliments that may help?? She is not ready, or dedicated enough for full on paleo tho

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    I was thinking Omega 3's as Colitis appears to be an imflammatory condition?? Any thoughts??

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    My husband has (had) ulcerative colitis and that disease isn't pretty...

    His flare-ups came from WHEAT and BEANS. He does good on corn (maize) and white rice. His colon was so destroyed taht by the time they diagnosed him with UC it was already too late and part of his colon had to be removed.
    Not a single medicine they gave him over the course of years afterwards seemed to make any difference in his condition. He also has Crohn's disease in his small intestine which is just another word for UC....cause it looks different in the small intestines but it's all caused by the exact same thing.

    Wheat is the #1 trigger for flare-ups, next in line are beans. Vegetable oils like canola seem to create the perfect grounds for inflammation. He cut ALL vegetable oils out (even olive oil) and only uses Coconut Oil, real Butter or Lard.
    He has been getting Remicade every 8 weeks for about 10 years now and since going primal he was able (for the first time) to not need his infusion for over 5 months. He could be off his UC med completely but since it's part of his VA treatment he can't just ignore it. But he is talking to his doctor about cutting the treatments down to 4x a year or less or on Need-basis.

    Back 16 years ago when all this mess started the doctors said he was the worst case they'd ever seen. Had I known what I know now back then...we could've saved a lot of anguish and surgeries and frustration and fear...and a giant part of his colon...

    Please read the book Fiber Menace by Konstantin Monastyrsky Gut Sense: How to reverse and prevent constipation in children and adults
    Cut her fiber intake down...peel apples...don't eat grains other than white rice or the occassional corn...NO vegetable oils...NO WHEAT!
    I feel for her. She doesn't need meds to heal her flare-up, the meds are only immune-suppressants anyways, they do nothing to get to the bottom of it. Her tongue and gums should be spotless clean, no slimey residue from grains with glutens...the tongue should be pink and clean, on its own... . Red meat, Colostrum, Raw Liver Supplements, Cod Liver Oil or Krill Oil, Coconut Milk/Oil, Probiotics, live Enzymes and Ox Bile!

    And Bone Broth!!!
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    Btw, what kind of steroids?
    The steroids they give for UC cause osteoporosis, bone disease like dead hip bone and blindness.
    The milky vision she'll end up with can't be cured and the lenses have to be cut out and artificial lenses put in the eyeball!
    The dead hip bones also aren't reversible, called avascular neucrosis.

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    Hi there. Thanks for taking the time to respond.
    I hadn't realised that fibre could also be a problem. (something else to read up on)

    I will fetch her some Omega 3's tomorrow. She is on immune-suppressants too which did seem to work a few years ago. She came off them last year as she was doing really well but it soon came back.

    I was hoping that introducing some paleo principals would help but so far (apart from eliminating gluten) she is no better.
    Not sure where to go from here

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    My mom recently followed the Specific Carbohydrate Diet for a couple of months and got pretty full relief from her UC which she has been battling for about 40 years. The diet is supposed to be followed for much longer, so I imagine she may not have healed herself fully, but she was able to get off steroids and other meds. I have read Breaking the Vicious Cycle and the GAPS book and believe that the GAPS diet is a much more complete approach to healing permanently. Please look into those resources or at least read about the diet online.

    The Introductory Diet

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    I was going to suggest Specific Carb diet, or GAPS.
    A Post-Primal PrimalPat

    Do not allow yourself to become wrapped up in a food 'lifestyle'. That is ego, and you are not that.

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    There have studies done on mice that show an increased mortality rate in vitamin D deficient mice, this is not to say vitamin D is a cure all or a solution, however I would recommend that your wife make sure she gets at least 15 minutes of sunlight a day or if that is too difficult 2000-3000 UI.

    I am skeptical of most diets because even people who are put on a complete bowel shut down where they are only fed through IV can continue to get worse. However there does seem to be direct short term connections between certain foods and how bad a flare up can be. I would be skeptical of anyone who says something is required for months before it works since in placebo tests a large percentage of people pull out of flare ups without any kind of dietary intervention, so this could mean that most of the people who find results from diets are actually just healing normally.

    If the steroids are not working the next step would be an immunosupressent like Azathioprine. The prevailing theory is that UC is an auto-immune disorder, which would put it into the same realm as things like HIV and AIDs, and very similarily UC cannot be cured by diet, however it is possible that some dietary modification could be beneficial to get someone into remission, however, stress is a huge inducer for flare ups and if the dietary change is to extreme this could put the body into stress which would ultimately defeat the whole purpose of the exercise.

    Reduce stress

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    Thanks for the advice.
    She is unfortunately back in hospital as we speak on mega doses of steroids.
    She has been on Azathioprine before but it made her really ill and so it was stopped. She is on another now called Metacaptapurin (forgive my spelling) which worked really well last year, but doesnt seem to be doing so now.
    After her hospital stay at Xmas I got her onto gluten free foods, having heard success stories from others. I was really confident that this would work but to be honest it's made no difference.
    The hospital want to trial her on a new drug now and if that doesn't work then the only other option is surgery
    I am at a loss as to what to do to help her. My only other hope is getting tons of Omega 3 and othe anti inflammatory foods in her along with a pro biotic. sad times

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    Aww I just wanted to say I'm very sorry to read this and I think you're a wonderful boyfriend for looking after her and trying to help her so much!

    I'm afraid I can't offer much advice cos I'm still researching this myself but I wud say that anything u try must be done for a while to allow the gut to heal before it can even begin to function properly again. And any supps u take should be taken in very large quantities at first to really boost the body - just taking RDA amounts is what a HEALTHY/normal person needs but to HEAL it needs more or its like putting a band-aid on a broken leg when it actually needs a plastercast if that makes sense?!

    Really hope she can be sorted soon for u and her...

    H x
    An English girl who's been on lots of different diets, weight gone up and down but always been a naturalist at heart and have always wondered why "Conventional Wisdom" diets don't allow you to eat red meat and nuts - that are purely natural things?! So feel I've found my niche in the PB/Paleo Lifestyle and really want to make this my way of life for good!!!

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