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Thread: The Prodigal Son - A Primal Reinvention in London

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    A Primal Reinvention in London

    Dear MDA Community,

    It's been a while.

    I've been on some crazy adventures for the last couple of years. I've strayed back and forth from the primal way of living, not by my own will, but by my own mistakes.

    I've just moved back to the UK, after a long time spent in a dark place where I should not have stayed so long. I'm here to move forward with my life.

    I'm here to get primal!

    Over the coming months, and possibly years, I'm going to share with you how a person can allow themselves to fall into the deepest, darkest holes of human existence.

    And I'd like you all to be a part of my journey back.

    Current goals:
    Units The Beginning By the end of April The Goal
    exercise daily hours 0 1 2
    fun daily hours 1 3 5
    sleep daily hours 4.5 6 ?
    work daily hours 14 10 8
    weight kg 63 65 75
    pushups max reps 35 60 200
    max deadlift kg ? ? ?
    run a mile mins 9 8 5
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