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Thread: Winter Squash Year Round

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    I love all winter squash, I'm really sad to see it going out of season. Anyone else a big fan that consumes the different varieties all year? I don't see myself getting tired of the spaghetti, butternut, delicata, and acorn varieties anytime soon. Soooo good. This stuff tastes great without anything added to it. How do you guys like to prepare?

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    I've been a fan of butternut for a couple of years now - favourite ways are simply stabbed and baked until gooey, or chopped up and roasted, or roasted then made into soup...

    Have recently dabbled in acorn squash (yum) and pumpkin (meh).

    They store well though don't they? I don't see why you can't at least *try* to stock up and keep them cool and dry? Looking at seeds etc for my veg patch, a lot of squash varieties were proclaiming storage of several months to a year.

    I haven't found an actual spaghetti squash over here yet though!

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    omg i love kabocha. so effing much. aka japanese pumpkin. it is so fluffy & perfectly sweet. i love it sweet or savory. i just blogged about spaghetti squash

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