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Thread: Dear Ideal Weight~

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    Dear Ideal Weight~

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    We all have Google and know how to use it. We also know how to cut and paste. Please stop cluttering up the threads with unnecessary info.


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    HA! When I saw the title of this post, I assumed it was ANOTHER weight post and about screamed.

    Thank you!

    To anyone freaking out because you aren't your ideal weight yet:

    You probably look better than you think.
    If you aren't sleeping properly, we can't help you.
    If you are a big ball of stress, we can't help you.
    If you've got a blown thyroid, you've got at least a year before it's time to worry about weight.
    If you aren't lifting and sprinting occasionally, we probably can't help you.
    If you aren't eating fermented foods and broth, try that first.
    If you're still eating dairy, STOP.
    Some safe carbs are probably OK.
    Google search is your friend.
    Again, you probably look better than you think.

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    Weight is a big issue to newbies! We have been so conditioned to check weight. To get grouchy of posts about it is a little unfair.
    We were all there to start with and to be tolerant and helpful is the only way to encourage others to folow the paleo way of life!
    This is a forum for ALL, not just the educated!
    I'm not a complete idiot! There's parts missing!!

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    When your BMI is 40+ weight matters. You folk who are perfect and don't need to lose any don't have to read the threads, you know.
    F 58 / 170cms / SW 131.5 kgs / Current 112.4/ GW 65
    following Primal Lifestyle and swimming my way to health

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    You guys do realize that "Ideal Weight" is the username of someone spamming the forums with nonsense about red meat being unhealthy and plugging their website right?
    Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who has said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own experience.

    In the mind of the beginner, there are many possibilities; in the mind of the expert, there are few.

    I've shaken hands with a raccoon and lived to tell the tale

    SW: 220- 225 pounds at the beginning of January
    CW: 180 pounds

    Goals for 2012: Lose a bit more fat and start a serious muscle and strength routine

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    Ideal Weight, I won't judge you. I am sure you are an honest and interested member of our forum. Surely you would not spam or post messages unrelated to our interests. You are always welcome here.

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    All you need to do at this point is work on sentence structure and grammar, and then you will be qualified to post in here on a regular basis.

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    I received a lovely PM from this person, telling me to go to hell (hey, we're all already there! LOL) and they even called me a man. Brilliant!

    If you don't post all kinds of the same garbage across all the forums I won't call you a spammer. It's quite simple, really.

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    I would suggest you simply read the forums threads that already exist for a while. Comment on them if you have something to add. Quit starting spam threads, quit plugging your website that is rather un-primal and we will probably quit calling you a spammer.

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    Ideal Weight's blog is nothing but copypasta keyword articles. They're only trying to skim Mark's traffic onto their blog and make money.

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