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    Protein Powders

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    Hey guys i had a quick question about protein powders.

    Almost all of the protein powders that i have tried tend to upset my stomach and cause me diarrhea.

    Would you recommend any that are easy on the digestive system?

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    Sprouted brown rice protein without a doubt. I used to have stomach cramping if I had whey too many days in a row.

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    Protein powders come in various forms. The three common ones are whey, soy, and casein protein. “Whey is the most commonly used, because it’s a water-soluble milk protein,” says Peter Horvath, PhD, associate professor in the department of exercise and nutrition sciences at the State University of New York at Buffalo. “It’s also a complete protein, so it’s got all those advantages.” (Complete proteins contain all nine of the amino acids necessary for human dietary needs.) People who are vegan may prefer soy protein, although Horvath notes that its taste is sometimes considered to be more unpleasant, and it doesn’t dissolve as well in water.

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    Are you fine eating eggs? If so you could go make your own mix at True Nutrition - The Highest Quality Supplements and Protein at the Lowest Prices and just do it 100% egg white, 100% whole egg, half and half whatever you can dream up.

    You might be better off just sticking to something like chicken.
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    Perhaps you should ask yourself, "do I need protein powders?" They are expensive and really are frankenfood. If you really need condensed protein sources I'd stick to high quality meats. Snack on a chicken breast or two, eat some egg whites (whole eggs, even better). Just a suggestion

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