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    Benefits of Nettles Leaf

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    It may seem hard to get excited about consuming a plant which is commonly referred to as, "Stinging Nettles." Many people know the herb as an annoying garden weed, or a dangerous plant to avoid. Others have been warned to be frightened of the plant, as it delivers quite a stinging bite when it comes into contact with the skin. And, while it is true that you should take care when dealing with nettles in the plant form, after you read about the incredibly powerful effects of this herb on many systems in the human body, you make rethink your initial aversion to this potent little weed.
    Benefits of Nettles Leaf

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    I love nettle tea

    I pick them fresh, from the wild.

    Edit: Also, you can make a puree out of it, much like spinach. My ancestors on my Mother's side used to simmer nettle leaves as part of a meal...just add butter - done.

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    Also the sting from nettles may help arthritis sufferers. In the olden days nettles were boiled up with other "weeds" to make pottage that helped keep the wolf from the door. Probably would have tasted better eating the wolf mind.
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