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    More people are recognizing that it is healthier to sync your circadian rhythms with the rhythms of the sun and now eating is also getting into the picture. Some people say eating after the sun goes down is harmful for your health because the body is naturally getting ready for sleep not digestion. Do any of you subscribe to something like this? I'm testing it out by not eating after 5pm. Some benefits include more restful sleep and energy.

    Would like to hear your thoughts!

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    I haven't had much to eat after 6-7pm now that I think about it. It gets dark around 5pm though so I don't think it has much to do with night time.

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    I don't subscribe to this. According to Brad Pilon, it's all the same. To your body, everything is just one big continuous doesn't reset everyday. If you eat at 9:00 in the morning or 9:00 at night it's all the same to your body.

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    I don't know that it has anything to do with sunlight, but I try to finish up all my eating by 5pm. I toss and turn all night if I eat too late. (Plus, I do generally go to bed by 8pm.

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    sounds counter to logic to me. The sun comes up. the men go out for the hunt, the women collect fire wood and gather veggies. They both arrive back at camp and begin processing the kill. By the time it is processed and cooked, the sun has set. Seems natural to me to IF most of the day and have a big meal at night.

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    I dunno... usually it's 8 or so by the time we have dinner made and ready to eat (not because it takes a long time to cook but because we don't get hungry enough to think about cooking before that).

    I think we can sleep and digest at the same time just fine. I've been doing it for years. haha.

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