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    Online shopping for Paleo

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    Hey just moved to New Jersey, working in Manhattan, can people here recommend places i can order groceries and meat online and get it delivered?

    Thanks guys and gals

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    209,, and deliver grass-fed beef and other goodies throughout the US. Didn't know if you were looking for something more local, but hopefully that helps some!
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    Amazon for coconut milk, anchovies, sardines, etc.

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    You are online shopping for Paleo than you going on website. There are many website available for online shopping you choice any one fulfill condition sopping. You pay money for online baking service.

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    I don't know exactly where you are but Suburban Organics delivers in the new jersey area. I've used their midwest counterparts Door to Door Organics and their products are top quality.
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    Mini Mac Farm in Long Valley, NJ delivers grass-fed beef, pastured pork & poultry, and local produce. I can't tell you what the delivery cost is, since I'm only 6 miles away. Mini Mac Farm

    You're welcome. Oh, and check out for other farms that might be convenient for you.

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