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Thread: Ice cream?

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    Are there any primal-safe or close to primal ice cream recipes out there? I love ice cream but it seems impossible to find a non-sugary alternative (without going with artificial sweeteners).

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    Ice cream is a semi frozen custard. A custard is egg yolks gently cooked with a liquid. So you should be able to all sorts of ice cream type concoctions that are primal.

    My wife makes a banana ice-cream and has made an almond ice cream. The banana ice cream is roughly:

    Blend two egg yolks, a banana and 270ml of coconut cream. Heat until it coats a spoon and you can make a clear line in it by drawing your finger across it (I forget the term). Cool and throw it in an ice cream maker.

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    coconut bliss is pretty close, coconut milk 'ice cream" sweetened with agave nectar, which is its own can of worms being fructose and all ,but coconut milk and agave nectar could be favorite is the chocolate hazelnut..but limit myself to once a month.

    HOme made is definatley the best, i made home made peach coconut ice cream with a friend a few summers back. NOM!

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    Or you can try a search on the web for raw food ice creams which are always made w/o dairy products. I've tried several versions from various raw food joints in NYC & New Haven, CT- and they are great. Homemade also rocks! (this is a bit labor intensive but worth it)

    Here's one recipe I found for a basic vanilla "ice cream". It's higher in carbs than dairy ice cream (due to the cashews) but still- a sensible vice!


    2 cups raw cashews, soaked overnight (the main ingredient)

    1 cup almond milk (make it real thick & creamy*

    1 cup young coconut meat

    1 tablespoon pure vanilla extract (or you may use raw vanilla bean)

    ¼ cup (nut) butter, optional

    1 cup agave nectar

    Option 1: In a high speed blender or food processor, process all ingredients until a smooth fluid consistency. Add more almond milk or coconut water, if needed. Pour in containers and freeze. Stir every 30 minutes. After ice cream sets, serve.

    For option 1: If you do have access to an ice cream maker, follow manufacture’s directions. Only allow ice cream to chill, typically up to an 1 hr., then process through ice cream maker

    to make almond milk:

    Raw Vanilla Almond Milk

    1 cup soaked almonds

    (Soak in a bowl in the refrigerator overnight and rinse before using)

    3 cups water

    1 vanilla bean, seeds scooped out

    3-5 soft pitted dates (or soak hard dates in water for 1/2 hour) or

    other sweetener to taste such as raw honey or stevia

    To make raw almond milk blend the soaked almonds with the water until smooth. Then strain the mixture through a sprout bag, cheesecloth, or strainer into a big bowl. Save the almond pulp in a container and put in the refrigerator for later use.

    Put the almond milk back into the blender carafe and blend in the vanilla seeds and dates or other sweetener until smooth. This milk will last in the refrigerator for about 3-5 days. Shake well before using.

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    Thanks for these suggestions! I wasn't so much looking for a non-dairy alternative - after all, PB doesn't ban dairy. I guess using honey as a sweetener is a no-no?

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    Use Stevia.

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    Thanks for the tips, Coconut Bliss doesn't seem to be available outside the States so it looks like I'll be taking the homemade route.

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    I found out and try this recipe and it turned out pretty good.

    Coconut Milk Ice Cream

    1 can coconut milk

    2 cups fresh fruit

    1 tsp vanilla (optional)

    This is an easy recipe that can be used to satisfy your hankering for a cool and refreshing dessert. We especially love using fresh strawberries, blueberries and peaches.

    Simply place all ingredients in blender and puree. Pour into dessert cups (coffee cups work equally well) and put in the freezer for about 1 hour or until it has chilled to an ice cream-like consistency. Enjoy!

    Note: Since the sugar content is quite low in comparison to standard ice cream, the mixture will freeze to rock-solid consistency if left in freezer too long. This does not affect flavor, but does slow the rate of consumption.

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    2 large avocados, diced

    1 T lemon juice

    1 cup whole milk (cream makes it too creamy) OR coconut milk (I do half and half)

    1/4 cup honey (or to taste, or use stevia, or a banana... whatever)

    dash vanilla

    dash salt

    1. Chuck all onto blender. Put in freezer for 30 mins (so they are super cold. This way you get less browning of the avos).

    2. Take out and blend.

    3. Freeze accoding to your makers instructions.

    4. Devour. Serves 4.

    *** Make sure when you store it and are wanting some, to put it in the fridge for about an hour b/c it gets hard like all homemade ice creams do.

    Hope you try it, this is one of my faves!

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    So trying the avocado ice cream recipe! Thanks for sharing!

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