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I guess I am doomed, I am a courier and put on over 200 miles a day sitting. at least I am getting out to make pick ups and deliveries, and often try to sprint up stairs and have to lift heavy boxes, so mabye it wont kill me hehe
I'm a private investigator and I spend hours seated. Sometimes I don't have the option to get out of the car, so I feel your pain. This work week alone, which will end on Saturday for me, l will have spent 57 hours in the car either billing out time or traveling.

Sitting will definitely tighten your hips. After I tore my knee, I did a LOT of physical therapy in lieu of surgery, which thankfully worked. Being in my line of work, I know who the really good physical therapists are, so I went to them...a lot. I had several tell me that both of my ITB's were the tightest they had ever seen. I had one tell me over and over again to stretch my hips on a regular basis, because my lack of flexibility was on par with her patients that have needed hip replacement surgery. My calves were so tight that I could not lay flat on my back and lift either leg straight up @ 90 degrees. It was more like 60 degrees. Even after MONTHS of PT, I wasn't 100% and really, I'm still not. If I don't stretch regularly, I'll get pain in my knee again.

In the interest of not being misleading, a lot of my problems weren't just from sitting. I had injuries in the past that I never went to PT for, but the sitting compounded them.