Hey all. I mentioned a while back that my family is starting up a local pastured poultry farm. We've been putting together our business plan and building a customer base over the past few months.

Boy what a crazy week it's been! Loralei and I are finding that the necessary capital to kick start our pastured poultry operation has become difficult to come by. We had a couple of income generating options in the pipeline but they have fallen through.

When we mentioned the challenges to our new/soon-to-be customers, and indicated that we were going to have to suspend plans and just focus on produce this year, we got a really sizeable outpouring of support and a good number of people have encouraged us to get a fund raising project up and running on Kickstarter for our pastured meat bird operation... I hadn't ever considered that the community might want a pastured alternative to CornishX birds that much, but I guess a lot of folks really want these options!

In any event, we've gone ahead and set one up!

We can really use the support of like minded individuals for this. I know some folks are super tight on money and please don't donate if you can't afford it, but please do help us get the word out!

Here's our link!!

Hallet Family Farm Freedom Ranger Poultry Project by Joel Hallet — Kickstarter