I love me some "wet" food. I've made a bone broth reduction as gravy and such, but never really put any thought into it....it just accidentally came out good when I would deglaze with it and reduce a bit.

Well this last time I was just warming up other stuff and did the broth reduction on its own. I tried spicing it. I'm gonna guess you shouldn't add spices and salt to 2+ cups of broth when you plan on reducing it to less than a half cup. Oh, and that too I was in a hurry so let it run on high heat till it was done. Came out the consistency of honey...bit too rich

So....what is best heat? How much of a reduction in volume are you usually looking at before it is going to get bitter/too condensed? Spice AFTER reduction or no need to spice at all? Any other tips, or ways to make bone broth into a tasty topping (cream?)?