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Thread: Gaining weight safely with coconut milk?

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    Gaining weight safely with coconut milk?

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    So i've been eating paleo for a while and my caloric intake seems to be suffering, I find the high protein high fat meals to be very filling.

    I've been wondering if drinking one can of coconut milk each day would help me gain some weight and if that can be done safely since coconut is very high in saturated fat.

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    Coconut milk is totally safe to drink AFAIK. Excellent source of saturated fat and calories.

    But if you're actively trying to gain weight there's no reason to avoid good safe starches and other Primal carbs either.
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    I've been using large amounts to help me gain weight for over a year now. I can definitely use upwards of a can per day, especially on workout days. Today, for example, I had a cup of coconut milk in a smoothie and then 1/4 cup in some rice porridge. I'll probably have more with some frozen fruit after dinner, too. Go for it!

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