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Thread: Probiotics = Stomach Cramps

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    Probiotics = Stomach Cramps

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    I was on pretty strong antibiotics about a month ago, and they wreaked havoc on my gut. To squelch the...err...explosion, I started drinking probiotic yogurt. One 8 oz glass once a day. I've noticed that the days I don't have the yogurt, I get terrible, bend-over-and-pray-for-a-quick-death stomach cramps. Then if I shotgun more yogurt and I can stand upright again within a half-hour. On days when I drink the yogurt, it doesn't necessarily "get things movin'" but I don't get the cramps, or if I do, they aren't as bad.

    What is happening? How long will it take my gut to normalize? Or should i just plan on daily probiotics from here on out? If that's the case, I should probably explore supplements since this yogurt has 20g of sugar per serving!

    It just seems something is out of balance since the antibiotic regimen. Don't think it's the casein/dairy issue, since that's never bothered me before. But this is also my first two weeks primal, so I'm wondering if my body isn't in shock from low-sugar, no grains. Is this just a very painful detox period? And if that's the case, is my yogurt drink helping or hurting?

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    You might look into something a little stronger than yogurt, with more bacterial strains. I like Ultimate Flora and Jarro brands, I'm sure others will have suggestions as well. Definitely keep taking probiotics daily for at least a few weeks IMO.
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