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Thread: First IF

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    First IF

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    I have been eating nearly primal since the fall, but I recently made the full leap into primal eating. Something that is unclear to me is IF. I have looked through past forums and found that it can be very helpful and most people use an "eating window."

    I am wondering when people usually start this pattern and how (gradually or jump in)?


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    One approach is simply to occasionally skip a meal or a day's meals in a fairly random pattern. That would, presumably, mimic what might happen "in the wild".

    Robb Wolf recommends people to first cut down carbohydrate consumption and ramp up sleep (in as dark a room as you can make it) before trying fasting. He reckons you must get those two things right first. He's said this on his podcast and repeats it here:

    A great question is “how do I implement intermittent fasting?” to which I would respond: Implement it to the degree it makes you feel better and improves your life. Two things you MUST do: remove refined carbs from your diet AND get adequate sleep.
    Sleep+Intermittent Fasting | Robb Wolf | The Paleo Solution book and podcast | Paleo diet, Paleolithic nutrition, intermittent fasting, and fitness

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    I agree with Lewis, it's all what you're comfortable with. When I did my first IF (about 2 weeks in), I had a great dinner the night before, and didn't eat again until sundown the next day. I was a little hungry but, your body adjusts. I lifted and did HIIT that day, and felt great.

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