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Thread: Nutrition for extreme workouts

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    Nutrition for extreme workouts

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    So, I work at UPS and because of stress/conflicts with coworkers I am leaving my current (higher mental demand, lower physical demand) job for a much more physical job. I will be unloading UPS trucks/semis for 3.5-4hrs/night, 5 days/week. I assume my body will need more/different nutrition but I don't know what. I have a good 100lbs to loose and am looking forward to the 5 months or so of intense exercise this will give me. I'd like to maximize fat loss and muscle gain/development. I figured even more protein and veggies?
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    I would stick with your primal eating and if you need some more food eat it. But wait and see.
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    I would really look into developing a stretching routine to keep limber.
    Your lower back will feel this at first, especially with weight to lose.
    Also, good quality shoes and socks critical.

    Congrats on leaving the stress race!

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