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Thread: Primal Blueprint Update After Week 1

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    Primal Blueprint Update After Week 1

    I'd like to share my experience after week 1 on the PB.

    My first week PB has been great. I've been eating in the neighborhood of 2000-2500 calories a day, and my carbs (all PB approved carbs) have been in the neighborhood of 125-165g a day. I'm down 6 pounds since my start, which I assume is a lot of excess water weight. I started this thing at 227(I'm 6'2"), and I'm down to 221.

    I feel much better. I still haven't had the "carb flu". I just finished day 8 today, and I still feel great. I know some people have started to feel bad the second week, but I'm hoping to get lucky and not get that.

    I weight trained twice last week, but I was very lethargic. Other than that, my energy levels have been decent. Out of the first 7 nights of sleep, half were good, and the other half were not so good. I'm sort of an insomniac with what I believe to be undiagnosed sleep apnea. The lack of sleep has definitely affected my energy levels, but overall, I never got that weak, low blood sugar feeling, that I used to get when I tried to cut my carbs(although in a much unhealthier way than the PB)

    Today I had a great workout, followed by tuna, steamed broccoli, and steamed sweet potatoes.

    I was a big time carb addict. Pasta and rice mainly. To be honest, the thought of gorging on those things right now does not give me a good feeling. I hope that remains.

    Overall, I feel like I can definitely make this a lifestyle change, and not just a fad.

    Reading the book and understanding the science behind it really helped me to make a full commitment to it.

    I'm looking forward to the coming weeks when my body completely gets used to this.
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