Where to begin. I don't want to go back to far and bore to to tears so let's just say that in 2001 i weighed at my heaviest 220 and that is a lot of me at 5'2. At my smallest in 2009 i was at 119. I made Lifetime at Weight Watchers. For the past year i have not been able to get back down under 130. I am at 140 now. It seems as if since my 46th birthday on Jan.1st i now have this tummy i can not get rid of and my hips are well hipper than in the past.

I am a runner but to look at me you would not know it. I have run two half-marathons and a ton of 5-10k's. The past year i have ran in one race because i was so depressed about the way i looked. It has got to the point i don't even want to go out. I run at 5am so nobody will see my big butt bouncing...lol

I also lift weights 3x a week. I use to be more into it but i have a shoulder injury so now i use lighter weights and do more bodyweight work.

I have been eating low carb for about a week now. It was hard at first. I loved my oats in the morning but now i have a protein shake and mid-morning i have my egg white,apple cup i make in the microwave and my protein/flaxseed muffin.

I want to get back to the old me. Running races and going out..living again. I have picked out two races in May. I am going to sign up to give me a gaol to work too. They are 5k's so i should be ok.

Well i think that is enough for now. I need to start reading Mark's book...

Thanks for taking the time to read..i plan on looking in a few journals later tonight..