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Thread: Bad primal day

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    Bad primal day

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    Hey primates,
    I've been primal for 2 wks now and have been consistent for 13/14 days. Today I had potato chips, rice and Carmel popcorn. How bad u think that backtracked my progress

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    Meh. Don't sweat it, get back on track tomorrow.
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    Thats not too bad. Just forgive yourself and move on. The beginning of going primal is the hardest part.
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    Caramel corn and chips are a bit of a speed bump, but if the rice was white then it isn't big deal. Ignore the bumps and get back on the road to healthy living through real food.
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    I've been consistently primal for about 2 months now...had some oreo cookies yesterday...
    I just worked my arse off on the heavy bag that night and drank a shot of apple cider vinegar....all good.
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    I ruined my good track record today by having an ice-cream. I thought it was incredibly sweet and felt very strange afterwards. I have no doubt my sugar levels shot up, causing the strange head feeling.
    I wont be doing that again in a hurry!!
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