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Thread: cronic workout vs pb workout

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    Question cronic workout vs pb workout

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    im training for the marines and would like to hear peoples opinions on wich id get faster results from should i do 5k style running training with fullbodyweight circuits 6 times a week (not to failure just enough to not burn myself out) or would following the downloaded pb ebook to the letter give me faster results

    thank you for ur time

    future bootneck

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    Let's put it this way: Rest/recovery time is when your muscle repair from the damage you did while working out. If you don't give yourself adequate recovery time, how can you get stronger or faster?

    After the first six months I followed PBF, my military fitness scores were higher than they had been in 10 years of following the older-style Army training. When I left Basic Combat training and went to my specialized training (12 years ago) my fitness scores improved drastically, because I was only working out six days a week, instead of twice a day (and more) seven days a week. Later I dropped to three days a week and kept improving.

    Do what you can handle, but know that rest days are at least as important as workout days.

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    Interesting stuff, jfreaksho. I take it, you're not subjected to a set regiment for PT, or are you? Or is this outside of the standard Army PT?

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