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Thread: lime mayo and (unrelated) pork stock page

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    lime mayo and (unrelated) pork stock

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    Two questions:
    1) has anyone tried to make mayo using lime juice and no vinegar? does it work, or is the pH too high? does the emulsion "go"?

    2) i have a massive jar of pork stock from last week's maple-garlic barbecue ribs. what should i do with it?

    cheers guys!

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    1) It should work fine because lemon juice does. But, nope, I've never tried it. Why not make mayo how you normally make it (I use half lemon juice and half cider vinegar) and then stir lime juice and chopped cilantro into it? A dollop of that would be mighty tasty on carnitas (sorry, your pork stock question led me to think of a huge pot of falling apart carnitas)

    2) Use it to saute vegetables in or make a soup.

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    I generally only use lime juice in my mayo and it has always worked as long as everything is room temperature! This recipe is easy and quick: The Secret to Homemade Mayo? Patience. | theclothesmakethegirl

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    Has the stock jellied in the fridge? If not, I'd boil it down to reduce it a bit and use it to make soup. Or to cook more pork in. If it is highly flavoured, just heat, ti into a mug, season and drink. SO good for you!

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