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Thread: Calculating the Omega Ratio in Grass-Fed Beef

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    Calculating the Omega Ratio in Grass-Fed Beef

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    Hi all,
    Would anybody happen to know or have any input in regards to calculating the omega ratio in grass fed beef?
    I would imagine that this would have to be conducted in a lab of some sort. But was hoping I could get some possible insight from the primal community. Would be greatly appreciated.

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    nothing exact, but you might find this article interesting: Grass Based Health: Is Grass Fed Beef Really “Rich in Omega 3s?”

    there just isn't much omega3 in grass fed beef. there is some, but it's nothing compared to fish. there's also just not much omega6, relative to what you'd get in a tbsp of seed oil: Health Correlator: Low omega-6 to omega-3 ratio: Grain-fed meats or industrial vegetable oils?

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