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Thread: Carbs during day vs. around workouts

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    Carbs during day vs. around workouts

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    I run endurance events. Yes, I like it.

    I try to focus carbs around the workout but need more during the day.

    Does eating low glycemic load carbs (certain fruits, sweet potatoes, etc) during the day to increase my intake result in gylcogen stores increasing or fat storage?

    Appreciate any insight - I really need to get this worked out and think eating more carbs during the day will help.

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    Excess energy consumption increases fat stores, why would you think that any specific macronutrient would do so?

    Eat as many carbs as you need, low GI carbs have actually been shown to increase athletic performance contrary to what many here will tell you.

    Improved recovery from prolonge... [Int J Sport Nutr Exerc Metab. 2005] - PubMed - NCBI

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    Sorry - was thinking about unsulin spike and rapis storage as fat vs. low insulin response such that it may remain steady in blood. thx

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    Well, I would encourage you to "unthink" that particular insulin dogma as well. The same folks who preach that rhetoric (think Taubes et al) typically recommend avoiding carbs in general but yet are okay with large amounts of protein even though it spikes insulin - and in greater amounts sometimes.

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    When you find your body needing the additional carbs....then give your body the carbs.

    Some smashed sweet potatoes with cinnamon sprinkled in is awesome.
    Greek yogurt with some berries

    whatever you like...

    If you find that you have more than enough energy..then perhaps trim it up some.
    I think everyone is different and there is no cookie cutter way to define how much of what you should eat during the day.
    If you are keeping it 'clean', then you should be OK. Just listen to what your body tells you and go from there.
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