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Thread: Vegetable Ghee + Palm Oil = Primal Approved?

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    Vegetable Ghee + Palm Oil = Primal Approved?

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    I was shopping at the market today here in Saudi Arabia and was looking to pick up my local ghee that I get. Just for the sake of up, I looked at the ingredients of one of the vegetable-based ones. This one brand says that it is 100% palm oil (which is a primal oil, right?) and that got me wondering as to whether or not this would be primal? It wasn't in liquid form and it is sold as vegetable ghee. I'm not sure as to how and if it's processed. There is no palm oil over here and I'm wondering if this would be another alternative fat or oil to my diet.

    What are your thoughts?


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    It might be OK, but it might be really heavily processed, or contain trans fats. I have no idea what Saudi health regulations are like.
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    Vegetable ghee? Is that like fat free sour cream?

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