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    I love avocado. I usually make a shake out of it adding with sugar and milk. I also love avocado ice cream.

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    Wow. Sounds like a viable substitute for banana . . .
    No, unfortunately avocado will not thicken a green smoothie the way the banana or berries would. But it makes for a nice addition to a gazpacho.
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    love them plain, better with salt however

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    I hate eggs, can't stand them. BUT then I discovered that I can actually hate eating them but not throw up if I cover them in a sauce and make them with meat in them.

    So maybe it will work if you try avocados more ways than one, but don't count on it. At least you have this going for you: they are expensive, so don't feel bad about it :0) Try pudding (and expect to hate it), try mashed into something like a salad dressing vinagrette (my fave way to eat them) and glopped onto a salad. Thats all I got

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